Food, Freebies & Phanatics at the Ballpark

Phillies reveal their 2010 promos lineup

Opening Day at Citizens Bank Park is just three weeks away and this season fans will be greeted by plenty of great food, fun and giveaways.

The team displayed some the new stuff on Monday.

Let’s kick through a couple of the more intriguing freebies. Among the standouts were the Opening Night National League Champs T-Shirt (15 and over - April 14), Roy Halladay bobble head (all fans - May 18), the Shane Victorino “Hang 10” Foam Finger (kids - June 6) and the Gary “Sarge” Matthews drivers cap (men 15 and over - June 20).

But, the ballsiest promo has to be Charlie Manuel Bat day on July 6. All kids will get their own 30-inch Louisville Slugger with a replica of Charlie’s John Hancock right on the barrel.

Let’s just hope that things don’t get out of hand on the field with the Braves in town.

If you are looking to pay for your Phils goodies instead of just getting them for walking in the door don’t worry. There are plenty of new things to buy at the ballpark this season beyond your normal jerseys and caps.

Some of the stranger highlights include a Phillies Rubik’s Cube, Phillies versus Mets Checkers, Ryan Howard sunglasses and a toaster that will put a Phillies P onto your morning toast.

What Phillies fan could live without any of those?

But, the most unique piece of marketing genius up for sale has to be pieces of the old CBP turf. Turns out the Phillies grounds crew put in new sod this off-season and instead of composting all that old grass they took it to a secret location where it is being preserved.

Each 3-by-3-inch piece of real sod comes with an official seal of authenticity care of Major League Baseball. You could even take your sod and plant it in your backyard so you could work on the some ground that the 2008 Phillies won a championship on.

The regular infield and outfield piece cost $79.99 each but a limited amount (2009 to be exact) of the painted logo turf from the 2009 playoffs are going for $119.99 a pop.

Of course there are plenty of items to grub on. The traditional fare is back including the Schmitter, Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries, Tony Luke’s and Turkey Hill ice cream.

This year though some new editions will be available to ballpark diners including kettle corn, iced coffee and the fan’s choice “Signature Hot Dog.” (Voting is open now.)

And, keep an eye out for the Phillie Phanatic all around Philly. Artist-painted statues of the green furry guy will be placed all over the city with a very special edition signed by the entire 2010 Phillies to be on display on the concourse at CBP.

Whatever your fancy there will be plenty of entertainment going on away from the field let’s hope that Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and the boys can put on an even better show on the field.

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