Phans Rally to Save J.C.

Phillies phans are joining together like it's time for another parade down Broad Street. This time, though, it isn't to honor their heroes but rather to save one.

Save J.C. is the rally call. Revoking the suspension is the goal.

A petition has shown up on calling for Major League Baseball to revoke the 50-game suspension of Phillies reliever J.C. Romero.

Click here to sign the petition

950 ESPN Radio in Philadelphia is sponsoring the petition but it has gained steam thanks to social networking.

A slew of groups have cropped up on Facebook:

All the groups are taking the stance that since Romero was told originally that 6-OXO was OK to take that he shouldn't be suspended.

Be your own judge and feel free to let MLB Commissioner Bud Selig know how you feel.

Click here to email Selig

Let's see if Phils fans can do what they can to Save J.C.

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