Phanatic Goes Hollywood on “The Simpsons”

Let's hope he doesn't let stardom go to his head

The Phillie Phanatic is the latest celebrity to forever be immortalized in cartoon form on "The Simpsons."

The Phanatic (more like his likeness) made a brief cameo (a few seconds) on Sunday night's Simpsons episode.

In the episode, the Phanatic greeted a group of sea-faring nuns who landed in Philadelphia (the bizarre circumstance makes sense if you watch the entire Da Vinci Codesque episode).

The beloved Phanatic comes honking up to the nuns to welcome them to our wonderful city. (On a side note Philly isn't on an ocean so its tough to see how the nuns wouldn't have found land at some point while sailing up the Delaware.)

Does this appearance cement the Phanatic as the greatest mascot ever? That's left to interpretation. But, here in Philly he sure is our favorite.

Blog sites like The700Level and The Fightins have picked up on the hilarity of this short piece of cartoon glory and have even posted shorts clips and video.

Thanks to our partnership with the whole episode is available below.

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