Paddles Return to CBP

In the spirit of fan clubs like the “Wolf Pack,” “Millwood’s Militia” and “Sal’s Pals” a new group emerged from Citizen Bank Park’s cheap seats.

It was the canoe-ready “Orr’s Oars” who came paddle in hand to celebrate utility man Pete Orr’s first start with the Phillies Wednesday night against the Mets.

Maybe these guys were once riding on “Padilla’s Flotilla” that shipwrecked in the middle 2000s when Vicente was shipped out of town but possibly they just came to the ballpark with an idea.

One of the negatives of the nightly sellouts that have become commonplace at CBP is that large groups of friends looking to band together to pay homage to a single player can’t grab up blocks of tickets together anymore.

So in the last few years there have been no “Doc’s Doctors,” “Lee’s Ladies,” “Roy’s Boys” or “Joe’s Joes.” Heck, even “Hamels’ Mammals” have become extinct in recent seasons.

And so have the player reaction like when backup catcher and moustache aficionado Sal Fasano used to send pizzas up to “Sal’s Pals.”

“Orr’s Oars” put down their paddles by the fifth inning when Orr was pulled as part of a double switch. But maybe their contribution to Phillies nation will last longer then their namesake did.

So maybe the fine young fellows of “Orr’s Oar’s” will breath new life into an old tradition in South Philly.

So who’s up for some “Contreras’ Waitresses” or “Raul’s Ghouls?”

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