Paterno Family Slams Freeh's Handling of Sandusky Report

Joe Paterno's family sent out a new statement Monday morning, critical of some of the Freeh report's findings and very critical of the way Louis Freeh revealed the findings

The family of late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno slammed a report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh that accused Paterno and other top Penn State officials of conducting a cover-up for Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant coach who was convicted in June on 45 counts of sexual abuse.

The Paterno family released a statement Monday saying that Freeh "presented his opinions and interpretations as if they were absolute facts," and that the family would conduct its own investigations.

The Freeh Report accuses Paterno and other top Penn State officials of not only failing to report Sandusky to the proper authorities for more than a decade, but of enabling him by giving him access to Penn State facilities. Freeh said Paterno and others put the reputation of the school's football program above the welfare of Sandusky's victims.

Paterno, who was fired in November in the scandal's fall-out, died of lung cancer on Jan. 22.

Here is the full statement released by the Paterno family:

Following the release of the Grand Jury findings last fall, Joe Paterno called for a thorough, fair and transparent investigation. Like everyone else, Joe was stunned at the charges that were filed against Jerry Sandusky. At the same time, Joe cautioned against a rush to judgment on Penn State and its senior officials and reminded everyone that we owed it to the victims to uncover the full truth.
The announcement of the findings by the Freeh Group is yet another shocking turn of events in this crisis. We are dismayed by, and vehemently disagree with, some of the conclusions and assertions and the process by which they were developed. Mr. Freeh presented his opinions and interpretations as if they were absolute facts. We believe numerous issues in the report, and his commentary, bear further review.
Our interest has been and remains the uncovering of the truth. We have never tried to run from this crisis or shift all responsibility to others. To help prevent this sort of tragedy from happening again at Penn State or any other institution, it is imperative that the full story be told.
After the report was released, we instructed our attorneys and their experts to conduct a comprehensive review of the materials released by the Freeh Group as well as Mr. Freeh's presentation and press conference. We have also asked them to go beyond the report and identify additional information that should be analyzed.  And we have asked the Freeh Group to preserve all records, notes and other materials related to the investigation and the presentation of their findings as we expect they will be the subject of great interest in the future.
To those who are convinced that the Freeh report is the last word on this matter, that is absolutely not the case. Since various investigations and legal cases are still pending, it is highly likely that additional critical information will emerge.  With that said, we want to take this opportunity to reiterate that Joe Paterno did not shield Jerry Sandusky from any investigation or review. The 1998 incident was fully and independently investigated by law enforcement officials.  The Freeh report confirms this.  It is also a matter of record that Joe Paterno promptly and fully reported the 2001 incident to his superiors. It can certainly be asserted that Joe Paterno could have done more. He acknowledged this himself last fall.  But to claim that he knowingly, intentionally protected a pedophile is false.
The process of reviewing the report and other relevant information is going to be a complicated and time consuming exercise.  It took the Freeh Group roughly seven months to conduct more than 400 interviews and review three million documents.  We do not expect or intend to duplicate this effort but we are going to be as thorough as reasonably possible.  In the meantime, our attorneys have asked that we not make any further comment on this matter until they are ready to provide an update on their progress.

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