Overheard at Camp: Bradley Twist, Impressive Youngins

Now that Wednesday’s hoopla surrounding Juqua Parker’s arrest has died down (for now), more football-related news was the talk of the town Thursday at Lehigh.

There was a lot of talk out on the practice field. After Reid’s little media temper tantrum the other day related to Stewart Bradley’s injury, (what pact?) getting an official response on the rumor that the linebackers injury was worse than expected may be near impossible.

Rumor has it that Bradley messed up his knee so bad, he could possibly miss next season too, Micheal Perry of Off The Record said.

But you have to take these reports with a grain of salt, according to Iggles Blog. They make a good point by saying, “Things just get more and more sensational as rumors and "sources" float about, to the extent that nine out of ten times, the reality is much less sensational than what you hear beforehand.”

But they also added that you don’t want to dismiss the whole theory, because, hey, it might be true.

Now that nine-day holdout Jeremy Maclin finally settled his contract issues and on the practice field, the first workout of the Eagles’ first pick was educational, but also uneventful, the Daily News’ Eagletarian reported. Maclin spent most of the time talking to wideout coach David Culley, but did catch a TD pass during one-on-one drills.

Someone who has really impressed the fans so far in Lehigh was fullback Leonard Weaver. Not only can he catch the ball out of the backfield but he should also help the push in short-yardage situations -- the same short situations that plagued the Birds last season.

"Red zone production should be the biggest area of improvement by far for the Eagles this year, and though he may be not racking up the points himself, a versatile fullback on a versatile offense is going to make things a lot easier for everyone," said the 700 Level.

Some other notes from practice:

DeSean Jackson was not only running circles on the defense, he was also running his mouth Wednesday. Jackson and defensive back Asante Samuel jokingly exchanged verbal jabs.

Jackson put actions behind words -- he caught a beautiful 50-plus-yard TD pass, Bleeding Green Nation said, call him “the star receiver of camp.”

What can be expected of "Action" Jackson this season?

“Keep going up,” the sophomore receiver said to Delaware Online's Geoff Mosher.

 “I’m honestly trying to double that,” Jackson said, referring to his 62 catches. That would mean 124 catches pointed out Mosher. Don't bet on that many receptions even though it would be nice to see.

The Birds could also display some razzle-dazzle this year as LeSean McCoy completed a pass to Hank Baskett in a trick play yesterday, Bleeding Green said. And although the play didn’t gain many yards, it would be a nice to some tricks this year.

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