Out Of The Nest: Eagles at Giants

Giants Beer Fan

Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Eagles next opponent. This week, that opponent is the New York Giants.

The Opponent: The New York Giants, aka Eli Manning’s Interception Roadshow.

Record: 9-4, tied for first in the NFC East. If the Eagles win this game, they’ll hold a permanent tiebreaker over New York in the East and only need to win one more game to clinch the division.

The Line: Giants by 3. The perfect line FOR A WAR.

Last Game: A disjointed 21-3 win over the Vikings at Ford Field last night, a game that was relocated to Detroit after the Metrodome roof collapsed. Both teams looked completely out of whack for much of the game, but the Giants overcame two early Eli picks and went on to push the Vikings all over the field. This Giants defensive line… It’s quite terrifying.

The Coach: Tom Coughlin. Every December, old Tom’s voice goes permanently hoarse from all his in-season yelling. Ever watch a coach try and lay into his team despite losing his voice? It’s kind of fun. It’s like a declawed cat is trying to swipe at you. I wish my old line coach had gotten laryngitis every other day. I would have had a much happier childhood.

The Offense: In the past two games, Brandon Jacobs has rushed for 219 yards on 22 carries, a hefty 10.0 yards per rush. So why, might you ask, don’t they run Jacobs more often? Because then Eli wouldn’t be able to throw interceptions, you silly billy! Seriously though, this ground game appears to be peaking at the exact right time, and I’ll be surprised if the Giants are dumb enough to come out passing for the second consecutive week. Expect lots of Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw. And if you see Eli throw more than 30 times, then do a little dance and give Coughlin a kiss on the head.

The Defense: I thought the Giants were frauds earlier in the season, but you can’t really be a fraudulent team when your defensive line is this good. It’s the best in football, and if Mike Vick is going down with an injury again this year, this will be the crew that makes it happen.

Key Matchup: Vick vs. common sense. He can’t take on any more punishment. He’s gonna break down at some point if he keep exposing himself to hit after hit after hit. Some of that is on the refs, but Vick needs to get the ball out more quickly and do everything he can to avoid violent contact. Otherwise, this little miracle run will be short-lived.

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