Our Sporty Fashion Fumble

Apparently, our sports department doesn't know how to dress

The NBC Philadelphia Sports department may be the best in the city when it comes to commentary, analysis and experience, but apparently they can't dress themselves.

Early Monday morning we received this email from an angry member of the fashion police:

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From: Nick Rudolfo
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Subject: Viewer E-mail - www.nbcphiladelphia.com - Feedback on the Site - Football night in Philly

Who dressed the three stoogies tonight on football night in Philly. They need a mirror. Howard the jerk looks awful in the purple pin stripes, John Clark with a blue checker shirt and a black pin striped suit? And vai in gray purple and pink with charcoal pants? Get a fashion consultant. They look like 3 pimps on K and A selling crack hoes.

First of all, I think the pimps on K&A would be miffed about the absence of a dyed-Royal Purple sports coat and ivory cane -- though I think Howard may have the coat hidden in a closet somewhere.

But I digress -- here are shots of the guy's dress from our Sunday night broadcast:

I don't know about you, but as a young guy with a decent eye for what's right and wrong in the fashion department, I really don't see why Nick is so pissed.

And neither does style expert David Evangelista.

"They each have their own look, which is good," he said after taking a gander at stills from the show.

Evangelista, who's a common fashion czar for celebs, found more fault in the threesome's fashion cohesiveness.

"I don’t necessarily think that meshes very well," he said. "Maybe they should huddle together before they go out there and come up with a fashion team plan."

Still, Evangelista did offer a few tips like telling Howard to ditch the tie, Vai to get a better cut on his suit jacket and John to lighten up on the patterns.

"I like pattern on pattern, but he's doing pattern on pattern on pattern, which is…it's a lot going on," Evangelista said.

"Who knew," said John as he heard the suggestions. Sadly, he was wearing a plaid suit, checkered shirt and pokadot tie at the time.

The anchor was sure to point out that our talent doesn't have access to a fashion consultant.

But, I want to know more about Nick's style. Is he Philly's Mr. GQ or does he just walk around in a matching green Eagles hoodie and sweatpants.

We've reached out and will let you know what he has to say.

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