Olympics: 2 Days Until Opening Ceremonies

Here's the easiest way to follow the top Olympic stories every day.

We're only two days out from the Opening Ceremonies on Friday, July 27 at 7:30pm on NBC10 for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Today's stories:

Delran's Carli Lloyd Kicks U.S. Soccer to Victory

New Jersey’s Carli Lloyd didn’t start the U.S. Women’s National Team Olympic soccer opening game but she sure did finish it.

33 Team USA Athletes to Watch in London

These 33 Team USA athletes are poised to do big things in London.

U.S. Men's Basketball Promo Shoot

Olympic Field Hockey's Philly Connection

If there is any U.S. team heading to the 2012 London Olympics with Philadelphia-area ties it's definitely the Women's Field Hockey Team. More than half of the team are from Pennsylvania and quite a few rep South Jersey.

Rowing for Gold

And both the Men's and Women's Rowing Teams also have local connections. Meet the locals rowing for gold in London.

Here is an easy way to follow the top Olympic stories every day:

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