Phillies, Obama: Underdogs Who Won

"Congratulations to the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies," said President Barack Obama.

We've all heard it before but it sounded even sweeter coming from the Prez who related to the fact that he, like the Phillies, wasn't supposed to win it all.

President Obama greeted the Phillies to White House Friday afternoon as the team finally got their moment to shine as World Champs. The traditional champion visit was delayed after the untimely death of long-time Phillies announcer Harry Kalas last month.

Pomp and circumstance of course were part of the afternoon news conference including the customary team gift.

So what do you give a sitting president that seems to have it all?

A personalized Phillies jersey  and a signed ball. Jimmy Rollins handed the Prez a No. 44 Obama Phillies jersey (the Opening Day jersey with the championship gold trim).

But, there was more than just gift giving. Obama spoke about the Phillies' resolve and some of the players who made the championship happen.

Obama related to the underdog mentality of the Phils. Neither of them was supposed to win, said Obama.

The President also praised Phillies leaders like ace Cole Hamels, tough guy Chase Utley and the Flyin' Hawaiian Shane Victorino. And, of course, J-Roll who made calls for Obama before the election.

The Phillies will get back to the business of trying to earn another trip to the White House when they play the Nationals in D.C. Friday night.

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