Not Again! Another Phillies Fan Rushes the Field

Hamels gives up a tying run after the interruption in game play

A day after the Phillies saw their first fan tasered for jumping the field, a copycat interrupted play once again.

Tom Betz, 34, tweeted and Facebooked "turn on the phillies game, im about to be on the feild!!!!!!!!!!" moments before he jumped the fence and ran around the outfield Tuesday night.

Betz, an aspiring DJ who goes by the name "The Thorobred," rushed the field just as Cole Hamels was set to close out Tuesday night's 1-0 game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the top of the ninth.

"What an idiot…what a dope," said a TV announcer as he watched the fan run through the outfield.

Scores of ballpark security closed in on the man as he ran along the fence in the outfield. Betz quickly surrendered under his own free will -- without being tasered.

He was charged Wednesday with marijuana possession, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct and other counts.

Hamels looked agitated as Betz broke his concentration. Soon after, he gave up a run to tie the game at 1-1.

Fans lit up the guy online as they watched the game drag into extra innings.

Thomas Betz was arrested after running on the field during Tuesday's Phillies game.

"these copy cats running onto the field are morons. really, you want your team to win, don't you? then don't screw it up for them! #phillies," Jersey_Girl87 wrote on Twitter.

AndyDClark said "I am fully supportive of using lethal force on any field runner from here out. I can't think of a worse time to do that #phillies"

And pdriscoll811 called for more Tasers: "Another fan ran on the field in Philly. Those people really are just dumbasses who love attention. Time for more taser action! #phillies"

The Philadelphia Phillies and police are discussing whether the use of Tasers is justified to apprehend fans who rush the field in light of Monday's incident.

Betz was lucky -- the Phillies were able to pull out a 10th inning win after catcher Carlos Ruiz knocked a homer into left field. But, fans' patience seem to be wearing thin with the whole field-jumping fad.

They're calling for the use of Tasers all the time, everytime.

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