North Dakota Still Eagles Country, Even Without Wentz

The state of North Dakota was absolutely crazy for the Philadelphia Eagles back when Carson Wentz was the team's starting quarterback. But now that Wentz has gone down for the season with an injury... you know what? They're still Eagles crazy.

While oddsmakers, fans, and many in the national media have written the Birds off this season before their tilt tomorrow with the Falcons - one in which they'll be without their MVP-caliber leader - North Dakota fans are still riding the wagon.

The Ringer today revisited Wentz and the Eagles' receivers trip to North Dakota this past summer. We wrote about that adventure here and here when it happened.

Kevin Clarke recently caught back up with sports news director in Fargo, Beth Hoole, and learned that the Eagles have overtaken the Vikings as the NFL talk of the town.

Hoole said the Eagles have since become something of a phenomenon in Fargo. Nothing can touch North Dakota State football for attention in town, and to a lesser extent North Dakota hockey, but the Eagles are trying. The local sporting goods store, Hoole said, has more Eagles gear than anything. Fargo has pushed aside the Minnesota Vikings in favor of the Eagles, and the Philly love is not just directed towards Wentz - residents can be seen around town wearing jerseys of various players.

The mayor of Bismarck, North Dakota, Mike Seminary, was a guest on 94 WIP yesterday to say the same thing. North Dakota still has the Eagles' backs.

It's good to have supporters.

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