Nobody Wants a Phillies World Series Ring

Available for $20,000 on eBay this week, the ring went unsold

Pull out your extra cash, Phillies fans, and you could tell your friends about your 2008 World Series win with your 14-karat, 3.84-carat ring containing 103 diamonds.

The ring, up for sale on eBay this week and originally discovered by The 700 Level, went without a single bid and thus remains available (or at least that’s what we assume). Perhaps it’s the starting bid of just under $20,000, or maybe a lack of publicity, that led to the ring going unsold. It couldn't have been the free shipping option. It is the property of a former member of the Phillies front office who has chosen to remain nameless (ebay name nncek), though the ring does include the last name of said seller on one side.

A few more specifics: the top of the ring is crowned with a ruby inlay and the Phillies signature “P.” The “P” is inset with diamonds and sits upon a panel of pave set bright cut diamonds, and the title “World Champions” is written along the top and bottom outer rim of the ring, also bordered in diamonds. The left side of the ring features “Phillies” written in script across the front of the Liberty Bell.

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