No Charges to Be Filed on NBA Sex Assault Allegation

There will be no charges filed against the NBA player who was accused of a sexual assault, NBC Philadelphia has learned.

It was earlier reported on that an NBA player was accused of an assault that took allegedly took place in Philadelphia last month.

A woman claimed that a player from the Memphis Grizzlies assaulted her earlier this year, sources said. Police were investigating those allegations.

"These allegations were proved to be completely false," said a lawyer for the player in a statement release Friday afternoon.

The Grizzlies said that they were aware of allegations against one of their players but offered no further comment.

"The allegations lack prosocutorial merit," said the Philadelphia District Attorney's office Friday.

"The player is glad that he has been cleared of any criminal conduct," added his lawyer.

The player and his lawyer hope that the issue can now be put to rest.

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