Nick Foles' Playbook for Avoiding Super Bowl Insanity

Nick Foles is the biggest story in the NFL right now. Maybe the biggest story in sports.

A Pro Bowl quarterback four years ago who considered retiring two years ago rejoins his original team as a backup, replaces the injured starter and leads the team to the Super Bowl.

You can't make this stuff up.

Is Nick Foles ready for everything he's about to face?

He talked about it Wednesday.

"The big thing is just staying in the moment," Foles said. "In the moment.

"The second you start looking at everything that's going to happen in the next two weeks? It can be overwhelming for anyone."

The Eagles haven't lost a game that meant anything in the standings since Foles replaced Carson Wentz, and Foles has led the Eagles to playoff wins over the Falcons and Vikings to advance to Super Bowl LII against the Patriots a week from Sunday in Minneapolis.

Foles said he'll rely on his ability to focus and the wisdom and strength of his teammates as the game gets closer.

"This is a big moment," he said. "It's the Super Bowl. It's something you dream about as a kid.

"But at the same time, it's a game. Once I step on the gridiron, I'm playing against the Patriots and that's where it comes down to trusting your preparation, working every single day and living in that moment and doing what you have to do daily, and then once the game comes you know you did everything in your power.

"You've eliminated the distractions that are there because there's going to be. This is a big stage. There's a lot going on. This (NovaCare Complex interview) room just keeps increasing with cameras and people in it and it's just going to keep going.

"So you just focus on the little things and what's important, and what's important is our preparation and what we do as a team. Going out there and playing together Super Bowl night, that's really what my focus is."

When Foles had his magical 2013 year, he was 24 years old, in his second NFL season out of Arizona. Now, he just turned 29 a few days ago and in his sixth NFL season. He's bounced around the league, gaining perspective and wisdom every step of the way.

And he knows he'll have to lean on all that perspective and wisdom to deal with what he's about to face.

"Just throughout the years," Foles said, "throughout each day, you just continue to grow, as a person and a player. That Nick is different than this Nick. I've grown, I've changed. I'm married, I have a daughter. My life has changed.

"There've been tough things to deal with through the course of it, but that's where you lean on family, your loved ones, your faith and you continue to grow where all of a sudden you're blessed to be in a moment like this, where you're doing Super Bowl media and you just can't believe it."

Foles has the highest passer rating in NFL postseason history. This will be his fourth career postseason start in an Eagles uniform, and only Donovan McNabb and Ron Jaworski have started more.

All that's between Foles and NFL immortality is Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, who will be playing in their eighth Super Bowl since 2000 and seeking their sixth championship.

"They're an amazing team, an amazing organization," Foles said. "Our strength is the team. We lean on each other. You don't have to go out there and do it by yourself. We're going to go out there with great energy, and we're going to out there and give everything we have in this game.

"When you know that you're all on the same page, you don't have to do anything special. Just go out with your teammates an give everything you have."

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