‘Queer Eye' Fab Five Have Attempted to Make Over Gritty. Yes, You Read that Right

Celebrating both the show's Philadelphia-set season and a mascot that personifies the city

Gritty in a kitchen

At this point in the week/year/pandemic/nightmare that is 2020, you may need a brain break.

We have the perfect one.

The Fab Five of Netflix's "Queer Eye" have released a mini-episode of their Philadelphia-set season in which they work their magic on Gritty, the upholstered force of nature that became the Flyers' mascot last year.

And you really need to watch it.

Gritty was nominated by the Phillie Phanatic.

"Being a mascot is tougher than most people think, and we all handle it differently," wrote the Phanatic in a thoughtful nomination letter. "But it's out of love for the people of Philadelphia."

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The Phanatic didn't want our beloved orange monstrosity to change much, but "maybe you could convince him that he doesn't need to eat a cheesesteak for every meal."

The Queer Eye crew was smitten.

"Gritty is synonomous with per-fect eyebrows," cooed Jonathan Van Ness, who has clearly become a superfan.

Tan France had a little more trouble convincing Gritty out of a jersey -- hey, Gritty is a real Philadelphia guy -- but did manage to give Gritty's jersey a French tuck.

Antoni Porowski tried to show Gritty what vegetables were, but that was going nowhere. But he revealed that Gritty has a great-grandGritty, which is new information.

Karamo Brown brought the pile of orange fur to tears by connecting him to his accountability buddy -- the Phanatic, of course. Bobby Berk redid his locker in orange fur (fake, of course. No Gritties were harmed during this mini-episode.)

As with Gritty theirself, the episode is funny and weird and winkingly subversive -- exactly the media moment didn't know you needed right now

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