All the Absurd Gritty Products You Never Knew You Needed

It's October, which is arguably the spookiest time of the year. So you might want to get in the spirit with some Gritty-themed items to commemorate the month.

We've rounded up a comprehensive list of all the things that have been created in our beloved new mascot's likeness. We bring you the good, the bad, the ugly and … everything in between.

Behold, all things Gritty.

This mildly threatening T-shirt.

A couch pillow that comes in various sizes that can give your boring old couch some sprucing up.

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A phone case for keeping Gritty on call at all times.

Some hand-painted slides for a cheap $90.

A drawstring bag to hold all your other Gritty-themed accessories. Of course, this lets you know the precise, scientific measurement by which you are Gritty (AF).

And this Gritty prayer candle for all your late-game needs when the Flyers get stuck in overtime and you need to call upon a higher power.

Some Reddit users have even gotten creative around making their own Gritty-themed goods.

With all these Gritty products at your disposal, it looks like the nightmare won't just be limited to Broad Street.

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