NFL Draft 2019: What Would It Take for Eagles to Trade Up Tonight?

We all know Howie Roseman loves to make trades. Since becoming GM back in 2010 he has made four trades involving the Eagles' first-round picks. Two up, two down. 

The Eagles currently sit at 25 with a chance to trade either way this year. 

Roseman has talked about trading up as a way to get a "difference maker" in the first round. Some possibilities this year might include Christian Wilkins, Clelin Ferrell, Cody Ford, etc. 

So if the Eagles are interested in trading up tonight, we have an idea of what picks might be available. 

Let's take a look at all of these picks individually: 

Jets at 3 
This ain't happening. The Eagles would love to get a player like Quinnen Williams but the jump from 25 to 3 is so massive, they wouldn't be able to get it done. Well, they could get it done, but for multiple first-round picks, among other things. Think about how much the Eagles had to trade away to get from 13 to 8 to 2 in 2016. Moving on. 

Lions at 8 
This is a little more doable than getting in the top 5, but getting in the top 10 is going to be really expensive too. If you go by the draft value chart, the eighth pick is worth 1,400 points, while the Eagles' 25th pick is worth 720. Making up 700 points isn't easy and the Lions would be dropping perhaps way further than they'd want, so the Eagles would have to make it worth it for them. 

This would be a jump of 17 spots. Last year, the Bills traded up from 21 to 12 but that was a player trade that send Cordy Glenn to Cincinnati. The Eagles have a few players who are tradeable but not a left tackle-type player. 

Without a player, this would take another first-round pick to get done. In 2017, the Chiefs traded up to take Patrick Mahomes. They went from 27 to 10 in a trade with Buffalo, a jump of 17 spots. The Chiefs got No. 10, but the Bills got a first-rounder the next year, No. 27 and a third-round pick, No. 91. Are you willing to give up that much for this jump? 

Dolphins at 13
OK, now we're getting into the more realistic category. Getting to 13 shouldn't be as expensive as the top 10, but it would still cost a lot. This pick is worth 1,150, so that's a difference of 430 to make up. Based on the value chart, a second-round pick (No. 53 is worth 370) and a fourth might get it done. 

But this would be a 12 spot trade-down for the Dolphins, so perhaps they'd want more than that. 

Last year, the Saints traded up from 27 to 14 with the Packers (a 13-spot trade) and the Saints still needed to give up their first-rounder in 2019. The Saints got No. 14, while the Packers got No. 27, a fifth-rounder (147) and the Saints' 2019 first-round pick. 

The Eagles would have to really want a player to make this jump because it might take a future first-round pick or it might take multiple other picks. 

Seahawks at 21/29 
Now, we're talking. A trade up from 25 to 21 seems a lot more likely and very possible. It shouldn't break the bank to move up four spots and if it's a trade to get a guy like Wilkins or Ford, it would probably be worth it to Roseman. And without many picks this year, the Seahawks should be eager to stockpile some more. 

Based on the value chart, there's a 80-point gap between the 21st pick and the 25th pick. 

Last year, the Titans moved up from 25 to 22 in a trade with the Ravens, so this is pretty similar. The Titans didn't even have to give up a pick, they just did two pick swaps.  

Titans got: No. 22 and 215 (sixth round) 

Ravens got: No. 25 and No. 125 (fourth round) 

The Titans moved up three spots in the first round for 90 spots in Day 3. 

Based on that trade last year, maybe the Eagles offer No. 25 and 127 for No. 21 and 159 (the lowest Seahawks pick this season). If the Seahawks don't accept that, just ask for a fifth- or sixth-rounder next year and call it a day. 

Rams at 31 
I left this one on here in case the Eagles would be interested in trading up back in to the first round. There might be a team eager to get in this spot if one of the top QBs slides and is still available, sort of like how the Eagles traded out of the first round last year. 

But that's a decent trade to look back on in case the Eagles want to move up from 53 to 31. Last year, this was the trade: 

Ravens got: No. 32, No. 132

Eagles got: No. 52, No. 125 and a 2019 second-rounder 

So if the Eagles wanted to get back in the first round in a trade with the Rams, it would likely cost a second-round pick, either No. 57 this year or a second-rounder next year and then a little added incentive by way of pick swap or a late-rounder. So the Eagles might be able to get back into the first round with both second-rounders and a little extra.

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