Super Bowl LVI

Check Out the Concession Prices at Super Bowl LVI

The menu for attendants at the big game include sushi, vegan chili and super dogs

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Super Bowl tickets this season were expensive enough as is, but that doesn't mean the cost of attending gets any cheaper when fans arrive to SoFi Stadium.

Those at the big game better be prepared to fork over a hefty amount of cash to pay for the concessions at Super Bowl LVI.

Looking at the cost of food and drink, in need of a simple bottle of water? $5. Craving some saltiness with chips and queso? $7. In need of some sweetness in a chocolate chip cookie? $8.

If you're hungrier and in need of a meal, you can pay for a $15 cheeseburger sub, a $16 super dog or even one of the more expensive sushi rolls, including a $35 century special roll as an option.

NBC Sports/Seth Rubinroit
NBC Sports/Seth Rubinroit

What's a sports game without a beer? The cheapest selections start out of $17. However, if you're seeking more of a buzz and are willing to spend a bit more coin, there are signature cocktails and liquor available.

Oh, and bottles of champagne can be bought for upwards of $135.

NBC Sports/Seth Rubinroit
NBC Sports/Seth Rubinroit

While the cost of food and drink is on the more expensive side, it's the experience of being at a Super Bowl that's priceless.

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