Where Has Carson Wentz Improved the Most as a Rookie?

When Carson Wentz takes the field at the Linc Sunday afternoon for the Eagles' season finale, it'll mark the first time an Eagles quarterback will have started all 16 games since 2008.
He's going to set the rookie completions record and the Eagles' attempts records Sunday too (see story).
That's a ton of experience for a rookie who was supposed to have a redshirt season until Sam Bradford was traded about a week before the season began. And his rookie season has come with its ups and downs. He did a lot of really good things, but also had his struggles, as most rookies do.
Still, Wentz just turned 24 Friday and the future looks pretty bright. Even when things weren't going well for Wentz on the field at times this season, his coaches maintained the stance that he was getting better.
So the question posed to the people who have spent time around Wentz this season - his head coach, offensive teammates and defensive scout team members - was pretty simple: Where has Wentz improved the most?
Here's what they said.
Head coach Doug Pederson
"I think with Carson these last couple of weeks, the way he has kind of been able to spread the ball around to different positions. He's getting through his progressions better, not getting stuck on a receiver. He's utilizing his backs a little bit more, his tight ends underneath, things like that. Those are things you learn once you really get comfortable with the offense and understand where guys are going to be. I think that's the thing that he's taken really big strides here in these last couple weeks of doing and something we can build on this offseason."
Jordan Matthews
"I think the best thing I've noticed, honestly, his awareness on guys trying to sack him or defenders, and scrambling, I mean, that's huge. Because teams hate playing quarterbacks that love to pass the ball, but are mobile. Teams hate that. I mean, you talk to our defense, when they have to go play a guy like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers … Like last game, I didn't think he saw the guy coming to sack him from behind, but the move he put on him was almost Russell Wilson-eque. Then to be able to pick up yards. He's been doing a great job escaping the pocket and scrambling for us and I feel like that's only a problem when you're worrying about a quarterback that's pass first. And he's pass first. When he drops back, he's looking to throw it. When he's scrambling out, he's still looking to throw it downfield. But the fact that he's able to do that now and make plays out of nothing, I feel like that's going to be huge for us."
Zach Ertz

"I would say leadership probably. The guys rally around him, obviously. Getting thrown into the fire in the beginning, he was kind of more reserved. But I think as the season progressed, he's really picked it up."
QB Chase Daniel
"I'd say his pocket presence has really gotten a lot better. He's feeling things much better in the pocket and moving slightly to extend plays and make some plays with his feet. I think that's huge for him. You can drill it as much as you want, but until you get in a game and bullets are flying, it's impossible to drill."
QB Aaron Murray
"I think one area is just leadership in the meeting rooms, in practice, in the huddle. I think guys have seen how much work he's put into this year. About perfecting his craft, about understanding the offense, about understanding the game plan week in and week out. I think … I don't think, I know guys respect him for that and the time he puts in. You can just see that confidence in him grow every week becoming that leader, that quarterback everyone looks up to. He's a natural leader, and I think the more confidence he gets in his ability to go out and execute, his comfort level with the playbook only allows him to showcase that side of him even more."
LB Stephen Tulloch
"He doesn't get rattled by mistakes. A lot of young players, they get startled by making mistakes or flustered about that. ‘I threw a pick or I made a bad play.' But the biggest way for a player to gain success in this league is to have the ability to put bad plays behind you and I think that's what Carson has done over the course of the season. He's a rookie, he's going to make mistakes. It comes with experience; it's how you kind of overcome that. To see that he doesn't get rattled, comes to the sideline, re-adjusts himself, gets back out there and keeps trucking. He has a bright future ahead of him. There's no reason he won't be an All-Pro, Pro Bowler for many years to come because he has the intangibles, the leadership that it takes to be a quarterback in this league."
OL Stefen Wisniewski
"I think probably mentally he's made the most strides as far as I can see. Being in meetings and all, you can see he's really dedicated to learning his craft. He's been learning more and more about what defenses do and how they cover people and what plays are going to work good against what defenses, vs. what blitzes. I think he's learned an outrageous amount in the course of one year."
WR Bryce Treggs
"Creating plays. I think recently, you've seen where I'd say 90 percent of quarterbacks in this league would get sacked, he's escaping that and trying to make a play. And that's not really a trait that he had. When you look at Carson, you don't see him as a scrambling quarterback, but he's creating a lot of stuff with his feet, so that just helps keep drives going and it's helped this offense out a lot."
S Chris Maragos
"I would just say how quick he is with the ball. Just his decision-making process. You can just tell he's pretty adamant and he's got the command that he's going there and that's what he's doing. In training camp or OTAs when he first came in, he'd see it and I don't know if it would be a split-second late or he wouldn't trust it as much. But I've just seen his confidence grow and you just see his command with the ball, right where he wants to go, he knows it and he's going there with it."
WR Dorial Green-Beckham

"Extending plays. Using his feet when nothing is open downfield. Being the quarterback that can run the ball. I feel like that's what I've seen out of him the most. That's good for us, because a quarterback who can run the ball like he can, I think it's pretty good. He's looking down the field, if stuff doesn't go the way it's supposed to, we know our quarterback can run the ball."
OL Allen Barbre
"I think I'd say he's seeing coverages and recognizing stuff and getting better and better. And I think the more snaps he gets, the better he's going to get. I think the only way you get better at that is doing it. He's been in there and I think he's a good quarterback. I think he's smart and he knows how to recognize that stuff."
TE Brent Celek
"Being calm on the field and poised, becoming a better leader. I think he's just improved all the way around. I think that's just natural for a young guy."

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