What's the Difference Between Playing Hurt and Injured?

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, an Eagles podcast, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks discuss Brandon Graham's playing in the Super Bowl with a bad hamstring and a bad ankle. How do athletes know the difference between playing through being hurt and being injured? What it was like to be at Malcolm Jenkins' silent press gathering. Terrell Owens won't attend the Hall of Fame ceremony. 

Also, would Gunner and Barrett return a lost winning lottery ticket worth $1 million? Barrett's experience with an alligator.

1:00 - Getting you ready for the weekend
3:00 - Brandon Graham played through numerous injuries in the Super Bowl
5:00 - Playing hurt vs being injured
10:30 - Brandon Graham's contract situation
12:30 - Covering Malcolm Jenkins' silent press gathering
17:00 - Terrell Owens will not attend the Hall of Fame ceremony
23:30 - Would you return a lost winning lottery ticket worth $1 million?
26:00 - Barrett had an experience with an alligator in Florida
29:00 - Man suing a CVS pharmacy ... it has to do with Viagra

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