Trying to Decipher the Ups and Downs of Nick Foles' Career

Nick Foles has had plenty of bad games. What he's never done is have them twice in a row.

Foles has followed the worst games of his career with the best. And considering that he's coming off one of the worst games of his career, that's good news going into the Eagles' game against the Buccaneers in Tampa Sunday.

Only considering games he's played as an Eagle and not counting the meaningless season-ender against the Cowboys last year, when Foles only played the first quarter, Foles has had seven career games with a passer rating under 70, including last week's win over Atlanta.

His composite stats in those seven games: 103-for-223 (46.2 percent) for 981 yards with two TDs and six interceptions for a 50.7 passer rating.

His composite stats in his next game: 141-for-202 [69.8 percent] for 1,560 yards with 14 TDs and two INTs for a 111.4 passer rating.

Talk about bouncing back. 

Even extending this to Foles' 10-worst games as an Eagle, only once did he have a passer rating under 85 in his next game. That was in 2014 against the Giants and Cards, when he was in the mid-70s in back-to-back games.

Why is Foles like this?  

He's got a certain mental strength that allows him to shrug off bad games and bounce back next time out. He's a very smart guy and has shown an ability to learn from his mistakes and make the adjustments he has to make moving forward. He knows how to watch film and grow from it. And he's been very fortunate to have coaches here who've understood how to get him into a comfort zone early.

Whatever the reason, the Eagles need this streak to continue Sunday in Tampa. 

In the column on the left are Foles' 10 worst passer ratings as Eagles quarterback. On the right is his passer rating from his next game:

40.5 at Redskins  -> 89.2 vs. Panthers [2012 ] 

42.3 at 49ers -> 86.2 vs. Rams [2014] 

46.2 vs. Cowboys -> 158.3 vs. Raiders [2013] 

50.7 vs. Falcons ->  ??? [2018] 

59.4 vs. Raiders ->  100.1 vs. Falcons [2017] 

62.7 vs. Bengals ->  85.9 vs. Redskins [2012] 

69.6 at Rams ->  115.8 at Giants [2017] 

73.9 vs. Lions ->  103.5 at Vikings [2013] 

75.4 at Cards ->  100.7 at Texans [2014]  

79.0 vs. Giants ->  75.4 at Cards [2014] 

84.4 at Colts ->  114.4 vs. Redskins [2014] 

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