Torrey Smith Makes an Emotional Eagles Fan's Day

What a moment. What a team. What a city.

This group of guys on the Eagles have been giving Philadelphia fans reason to love them all season long.

Now that they're set to bring the Lombardi trophy down Broad Street on Thursday, don't expect the lovefest to stop.

Torrey Smith shared an absolutely joyful moment to his Twitter followers on Tuesday afternoon after he visited a local school and made one kid so unbelievably happy. I'm jealous the kid has an Eagles Super Bowl Champions t-shirt before I do. Good fan!

Smith asked the young boy who his favorite player was and after he answered Carson Wentz, Torrey FaceTime'd the newly engaged Wentz to make the kid even more emotional.

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I shouldn't share this but I have to because the love for this team and @cj_wentz is real! I stopped by a school today this boy was the biggest fan. So I called him on FaceTime and the kids reaction was priceless. My guy is the best leader...strong man of faith and authentic!

What a moment. What a team. What a city.

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