Super Bowl Recreated in Lego Masterpiece

If you're anything like Howie Roseman, you've probably watched the Super Bowl at least four of five times, but you've never watched it like this.

YouTube user thefourmonkeys uploaded this incredible video of a Lego, stop-motion version of Super Bowl LII, complete with synchronization of the game audio. The video was uploaded on Feb. 21 and it had only 440 views when we first saw it. With the level of work put into it, it deserves a lot more.

The level of detail is pretty incredible and it's fun to see the Philly Special in Lego form, for as many times as you've probably seen the traditional version. The video is missing a few notable plays, like the failed two-point conversion and the strip sack, but the user indicated this video took about 80 hours to complete.

Kudos to thefourmonkeys on all the time this probably took to make. We'll be happy to watch highlights of this Super Bowl any way they come for years and years to come.

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