Stefen Wisniewski Or Chance Warmack to Start at Left Guard Vs. Chargers

Either Stefen Wisniewski or Chance Warmack will start for the Eagles at left guard this week. 

We just don't know who yet. 

After the two rotated against the Giants in Week 3, head coach Doug Pederson said they will both get work at the position this week before the team hopes to make a decision on Friday afternoon. 

"Not sure yet," Wisniewski said. "We'll see what happens."

After second-year player Isaac Seumalo was benched last week, Warmack got the start. But it wasn't long before he came out of the game in favor of Wisniewski. But it wasn't a clean swap; they rotated the rest of the way. Wisniewski got 44 snaps, while Warmack finished with 32. Warmack had good moments and bad, while Wisniewski seemed to have a better overall game. 

Over the past year, Wiz hasn't been shy about his desire to become a starter in the NFL again.  

"It's definitely been tough," Wisniewski said on Wednesday. "I do still think I'm a quality starting player and I think I showed that when I played last year and I think I showed that last week. I'll continue to keep trying to show that every time I get a shot." 

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One thing is clear: the left guard will either be Wisniewski or Warmack. For now, at least, it appears Seumalo, who was handed the starting job before training camp, is the odd man out. 

The Eagles decided on Seumalo just before training camp, when they decided to release veteran Allen Barbre. The Birds eventually got a conditional seventh-round pick for Barbre, but they were prepared to let him go. Seumalo was the guy ... until he gave up three sacks and was beaten all day against the Chiefs. From then, Warmack worked all week with the starters, but the team was prepared for a rotation against the Giants. That's exactly what happened. 

Both Warmack and Wisniewski said they weren't given much notice on Sunday when they were going to be put into the game. Basically, the coaches would tell them "this is your series" and they would get on the field. 

For how much the word "continuity" is used when talking about the play of any offensive line, a rotation at one of the spots seems odd. Though offensive coordinator Frank Reich called the rotation "seamless." 

"Basically whenever they wanted us to switch, they would let us know," Warmack said. "When I go in, I do the best I can. When he goes in, he does the best he can. That's how it goes." 

On Wednesday, Warmack and Wisniewski worked with the first team because center Jason Kelce got a day off. Warmack was at left guard, while Wisniewski played center. But Kelce will be back for the game on Sunday, which means there are two guys fighting for one spot. 

The interesting thing about Warmack and Wisniewski is that while both came into this season as backups, they have significant starting experience in the NFL. 

Wisniewski had 77 starts in five NFL seasons before coming to Philly last year and Warmack had 48 starts in four NFL seasons before he arrived this offseason. 

"You never, never, never know everything," Warmack said. "Wiz is a great player, really knowledgable, has been around a long time. I ask him a lot of questions myself and he helps me a great deal."

The two players also have one more thing in common: they were both given new contracts this offseason after originally signing one-year deals. Warmack was given a year extension just before this season started and Wisniewski signed a three-year deal to stay with the Eagles after his one-year deal from 2016 ran out. 

When Wiz got his new contract, many speculated that he was being given a deal to become a starter. It was definitely a possibility that crossed his mind. 

"I wasn't sure," Wisniewski said. "I knew coming back that there was a chance I'd be a starter but I knew there was a chance that I wouldn't be. I was kind of mentally prepared for both."

While they have some things in common, Warmack and Wisniewski are different players. Warmack is an inch shorter and 20 pounds heavier than Wisniewski. He's known as a bruiser in the run game, while Wisniewski is probably more balanced. 

The Eagles kept just eight offensive lineman on their 53-man roster and already all eight have gotten snaps this season. One of these two players will probably win this job eventually. 

But it doesn't seem like the coaching staff is in a rush.  

"It's so organic, man," Warmack said about his competition with Wisniewski. "It's so cool just to ask questions with your teammate even though you're competing. We're helping each other regardless of the situation. We're all helping each other. That's what it takes to be a good teammate." 

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