Sea of Eagles Green Already Taking Over U.S. Bank Stadium

On Monday night, Brent Celek said his favorite celebration from the season was when the Eagles did the Flying V. 

It turns out Eagles fans fly together, too. 

With hours until kickoff, the purple of U.S. Bank Stadium is slowly being overtaken with midnight green as Eagles fans make their way into the stadium. Based on early return, it seems pretty clear this is going to be an Eagles crowd for Super Bowl LII. 

With about three hours until kickoff, there have already been over a dozen loud Eagles chants and when both teams were shown entering the building, there was a clear difference. The Patriots were booed and the Eagles were cheered. 

The NFL is allowing dog masks into the stadium, as long as they're taken off as fans go through security. 

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It has to be tough for Vikings fans to see the Eagles logo painted in one of their end zones, but there it is, on the east side of the stadium, opposite the giant glass window where a Nick Foles poster hangs next to one of Tom Brady. 

While it's a frigid 3 degrees outside, the temperature-controlled U.S. Bank Stadium is warm. And it's also an architectural marvel; really unique. 

During early pregame warmups, Carson Wentz actually took the field in warmup gear to throw passes to Darren Sproles and Jordan Hicks. He's walking without a cane these days, but is still throwing off his back foot. 

After Sunday's Super Bowl, Wentz's timeline to return to action will become the big story in Philadelphia. But on Sunday night, it's all about Nick Foles and the rest of the Eagles trying to finish what Wentz started. 

It's almost here. 

Inactives will be announced at 5 p.m. EST; kickoff is at 6:30.

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