Nelson Agholor, Malcolm Jenkins Get Heated During 1-on-1 Drills

Malcolm Jenkins had finally had enough. 

So on the third and final time he lined up against Nelson Agholor in a 1-on-1 drill Monday, the veteran safety met his younger counterpart at the line of scrimmage with a thunderous thud. And when Carson Wentz tried to sneak the pass into Agholor, Jenkins popped him again while knocking the ball away. 

As the two separated, they had more parting words for one another. 

What was said? 

"Nothing I want to put out there," Jenkins said, smiling. 

In an Eagles training camp that hasn't had a fight, Agholor and Jenkins got about as close as any two players have this summer. 

On the first 1-on-1 rep against each other, Agholor was able to get away from Jenkins but needed to use a triple-move to do it. Jenkins didn't seem too bothered by that one; not many receivers will have that much time against him in an actual game. 

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On the second rep, Agholor made a nice (and more realistic) move to get open and caught another touchdown in front of Jenkins. After the play, Jenkins hadn't stopped and tried to knock the ball out of Agholor's hands, which the third-year receiver didn't appreciate. The two had words, which set up the finale when Jenkins popped him at the line. 

"Going against a great safety, man," Agholor said. "I love to compete vs. him because all he's going to do is make me a better football player. 

"It's competition. Obviously, he's a proven player in the league and I'm working every day to be a good player in this league so I'm going to go against him every day and we're going to compete."

On Aug. 3, after Jason Kelce and Rodney McLeod got into a shoving match, offensive coordinator Frank Reich said he was fine with tempers flaring as long as the guys ultimately took care of each other and didn't do anything stupid and out of hand. 

Agholor and Jenkins stayed on the right side of that line on Monday. But it was fun to watch. 

"We're just competing," Jenkins said. "It's training camp. We're out here trying to make each other better, especially in 1-on-1 drills. It's just 1-on-1 and those can get pretty lively."

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