Malcolm Jenkins Speaks About Eagles-Saints Trade Rumors

Malcolm Jenkins is one of the most important pieces on the Eagles, but even he isn't untouchable when it comes to trade talks.

A couple weeks ago, ProFootballTalk reported that the Eagles offered the Saints a third- and fourth-round pick along with Jenkins to pull off a trade for Brandin Cooks, who was eventually dealt to the Patriots.

Since then, Eagles de facto GM Howie Roseman said on 97.5 TheFanatic the Eagles weren't close to dealing Jenkins, but didn't deny that his name came up.

Jenkins, 29, addressed those trade talks in a phone interview with ESPN's Tim McManus and said he had spoken with Roseman about them.

"His message was that they want me to be an Eagle," Jenkins said. "They love what I'm doing on the field, they love what I'm doing in the community and they want me to be a big part of what they do from a long-term standpoint. But at the same time, if somebody is going to offer something ridiculously high for me that he thinks is in the best interest of the team then he would definitely consider, which he would with anybody. And I understand that. So that doesn't give me any anxiety or any worry."

Jenkins told ESPN he thinks he would have been involved in the trade for the right price.

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A veteran of eight years in the league, Jenkins said he isn't "naive enough to think that if somebody put in an offer at the right price that I wouldn't be a movable piece."

While Jenkins is important to the Eagles, he, just like most players on a roster, isn't untouchable when it comes to trade talks. Jenkins will turn 30 next season, gets paid a lot at a position where the Eagles also have Rodney McLeod and this is a deep safety class in the draft. So for that reason, the potential trade would have made some sense.

But the deal never happened. And Jenkins will likely be with the team to start the 2017 season as important of a piece as ever.

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