Lane Johnson Claps Back to Fans on Social Media

If you come at Lane Johnson, you better not miss.

Earlier Tuesday, Johnson made it very clear that he's still not a fan of the Patriots, or the Patriot Way, while on the Steve Austin (Stone Cold!) Podcast. Pats fans have taken to Twitter to let Johnson know how they feel, but there's one problem - Lane Johnson isn't backing down and he doesn't care what you say.

He responded to a pair of trolls on Twitter, who probably didn't expect to hear back from the Super Bowl champ.

Here's the first tweet.

Johnson's response is perfect in its simplicity.

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Here's one from a verified journalist that you'd assume will be covering the Eagles' preseason game against the Patriots.

Johnson hits him with a GIF from the movie "Kingpin."

Finally, a very NSFW direct message got a response on Johnson's Instagram.

Never change, Lane. Thanks for bringing Vince Lombardi home.

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