Fletcher Cox Has Words for Jalen Mills and Rightfully So

You know what's not a great idea?

Talking smack when you're getting your butt whooped at home to a player who just beat you on a 68-yard pass down the sideline. That's probably what Fletcher Cox was telling Jalen Mills here.

Mills on Sunday made a play to break up a pass on third down and it was a good play. But after it, he started jawing with Adam Thielen and got in his face. The Eagles love Mills' attitude and his competitiveness, but c'mon, man. You can't talk smack in that situation. Not after you just gave up a huge play and your team is down two touchdowns.

That's probably why Cox came over and shoved Mills away. Mills retaliated and shoved Cox, which was all picked up on the FOX camera.

The FOX cameras later caught the two making up on the sideline and high-fiving each other. But that wasn't a good look for Mills. It was a good look for Cox, who had enough right there. Good for him.

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