Eagles, the Clear Champion of Champions, Featured on Jeopardy

Does it ever get old, Eagles fans?

You know, being reminded that your team won the Super Bowl?

It sure doesn't.

For some fans, maybe it's still sinking in - but these daily reminders must feel good.

There were a few more Monday. First, this question popped up on "Jeopardy."

Philadelphia Eagles

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Pretty sure every Eagles fan has the answer for that one. This also comes after the Eagles were featured on "Wheel of Fortune" in March.

And the Birds are obviously on top of the entire sports world, as well.

They were declared victorious - and dominated - in this NBC Sports Northwest poll.

The results were possibly skewed just slightly because of this, but the fans have spoken.

Eagles owner Jeff Lurie said it quite well right here in March:

"The incredible nature of being able to see Eagles fans fulfilling their championship dreams is indescribable. And it wasn't just the parade, it wasn't just on the field with the confetti, it's every day since. And the stories, I can't tell you how many times people come up to me, wherever it is, there's always Eagles fans everywhere, and they may just see you and start crying. They may see you and start hyperventilating.

"The stories they have with their mothers, their fathers, who they got to experience it with. I don't know if you could explain it to fans everywhere in the country, but those of us who know the passion and the love for this football team and how much they've wanted the Eagles to win a Super Bowl, it's like it gets played out every day in a real emotional, real personal way. I always say we've got the best sports fans in America, if not the world. But the personal stories are what drives it to be so special."

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