Eagle Eye Podcast: Difficulty of Playing With a Torn Bicep

On this edition of Eagle Eye, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks give the latest on Jason Peters. Barrett lets you in on how difficult it is for an offensive lineman to play with a torn bicep. How will the Panthers look to attack the injured left tackle?

If defending Cam Newton weren't hard enough, the guys get in to the added difficulty due to the NFL's new tackling rules.

John Mara wants more playing and less talking from Odell Beckham Jr. Who's right? Also, will more college football players quit on their teams and prepare for the NFL draft like Ohio State's Nick Bosa did?

1:00 - Derrick has been told to be nicer to Barrett.
3:00 - An exciting new announcement from NBC Sports Philadelphia!
4:00 - Latest on Jason Peters. What is Peters dealing with? How difficult will playing with a torn bicep be? How will the Panthers target him?
9:00 - How should the Eagles attack Carolina's defense?
15:00 - Defending Cam Newton this year is even harder due to the new tackling rules.
16:30 - Giants owner John Mara wants OBJ to talk less and play more.
21:00 - Will Nick Bosa start a trend in college football?

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