Donovan McNabb Says What Eagles Are Doing at QB Is ‘dumb'

It's been just about a year since footage of Donovan McNabb attempting to talk his way out of being pulled over for drunk driving first hit the Internets. He's since served jail time and is now trying to get his broadcasting career back on track.

He lost his gig with Fox Sports last summer when he found himself in hot water, but now he's getting another shot thanks to ESPN radio.

McNabb recently spoke with's Dan Levy on a variety of topics including how he's dealt with his off-field mistakes since retirement and how he deals with being awful at Twitter. But it's McNabb's choice words on the Eagles' current quarterback situation that stick out.

“And now you sign — which was dumb — you sign Sam Bradford to a multi-year deal and give him big money, then you trade picks to move up to No. 2 – that was dumb. I mean, nothing against Carson Wentz, but why would you do that? That’s just a bad business decision from the Philadelphia Eagles.”

There's no way of sugar coating "dumb." McNabb thinks it's dumb and a "bad business decision."

The whole conversation is rather rambling, with McNabb praising Chase Daniel, then seemingly wondering what he's doing in Philadelphia in the first place. I don't know, it's just kind of McNabb rambling. But he was a former great quarterback in the franchise so his thoughts on the current quarterbacks are supposed to mean something. Or something.

McNabb also said that Doug Pederson was brought in to compete for the starting job back in the day, not to come in and mentor McNabb. What? Does anyone really believe that?

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Listen to McNabb on the Eagles' QB situation below or check out the whole Q&A here.

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