Derrick Gunn's NFL Week 4 Picks: Can Redskins Knock Off Chiefs?

Derrick Gunn makes his picks for Week 4 of the NFL season. 

Saints at Dolphins in London (9:30 a.m. on FOX)
When a head coach calls his offense garbage, as Dolphins coach Adam Gase did, you've got problems. Losing to the talent-limited Jets will make any coach question his sanity. Gase and the Dolphins will have problems keeping up with Drew Brees and the Saints' scoring pace. New Orleans will have a jolly 'ole time in England.

Pick: Saints

Bills at Falcons (1 p.m. on CBS)
Should be an interesting matchup here. Bills have the No. 1 scoring defense, giving up just 12.3 points per game. The Falcons' offense is averaging just under 30 points per game. Buffalo will try to establish its run game on offense and punish Atlanta on defense. Not gonna happen. Falcons have too much talent.

Pick: Falcons

Bengals at Browns (1 p.m. on CBS)
Imagine being from the state of Ohio and having two NFL teams that have a combined record of 0-6. The Browns and Bengals are two of five winless teams left. In the clash of futility, the Bengals win ugly.

Pick: Bengals

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Rams at Cowboys (1 p.m. on FOX)
The Rams have been one of the early surprises and it's mainly because of second-year QB Jared Goff. The 2016 No. 1 overall pick has tossed five TDs and just one INT, and has a rating of 118.2. Goff and the Rams will make a good showing but won't be standing tall when the dust settles in the Cowboys' corral.

Pick: Cowboys

Lions at Vikings (1 p.m. on FOX)
Two teams trying to keep pace with the Packers in the NFC North. Vikings' backup QB Case Keenum had the game of a lifetime last week vs. Tampa Bay with 369 yards and three touchdowns. But, can Keenum match Matthew Stafford point for point? I don't think so.

Pick: Lions

Panthers at Patriots (1 p.m. on FOX)
What a collision course this is. Carolina's No 1 ranked defense vs. New England's No.1 offense. Cam Newton has struggled but the G.O.A.T. Tom Brady has not. Pats pound the Panthers.

Pick: Patriots

Jaguars at Jets (1 p.m. on CBS)
I don't know what to make of the Jags. They've had two impressive wins over the Texans and Ravens, but got handled by the Titans. The Jets got lucky against the Dolphins last week, but their luck will run out this time.

Pick: Jaguars

Steelers at Ravens (1 p.m. on CBS)
Two rivals from the AFC North both coming off disappointing losses. Joe Flacco vs. Ben Roethlisberger. Saying these two squads don't like each other is an understatement. The Steelers haven't won in Baltimore since 2012. They will this time.

Pick: Steelers

Titans at Texans (1 p.m. on CBS)
Houston is going through growing pains. Rookie QB DeShaun Watson has the talent but not the experience. This will be another learning experience against the more seasoned Marcus Mariota and his crew. 

Pick: Titans

49ers at Cardinals (4:05 p.m. on FOX)
We knew the 49ers would have a rough year, but we didn't anticipate Arizona struggling this much. Both teams have given up 76 points, but what's shocking is the Cards (56) have only scored five more points this season than Niners (51). Only because of their experience and talent in this matchup, it's in the cards for 'Zona to win.

Pick: Cardinals

Giants at Buccaneers (4:05 p.m. on FOX)
The Giants' offense finally woke up in the fourth quarter vs. the Eagles, but it wasn't enough. The Bucs will be missing key personnel on defense. The Giants can't stop the run. Call it a hunch but i think Jameis Winston and all that offensive fire power finally put it together.

Pick: Buccaneers

Raiders at Broncos (4:25 p.m. on CBS)
The Raiders' Khalil Mack and the Broncos' Von Miller will be on seek and destroy missions in this one. We know that Derek Carr is elite, but Trevor Siemian has handled the Broncos' offense nicely. The Broncos are a beast at home. Raiders lose their second straight.

Pick: Broncos

Colts at Seahawks (8:30 p.m. on NBC)
Without Andrew Luck, the Colts are simply outclassed by Seattle. But what is wrong with the 'Hawks? They have offensive line issues and can't run the ball. The Colts have given up a league-high 20 passes of 20-plus yards. This is not the Seattle balanced O we're used to seeing, but Indy will cure what ails the Seahawks.

Pick: Seahawks

Redskins at Chiefs (8:30 p.m. Monday on ESPN)
The Redskins put a beatdown on the Raiders last week. The Chiefs are a legit Super Bowl contender. KC has to do a better job of protecting Alex Smith, who was sacked five times against the Chargers. KC RB Kareem Hunt looks like the real deal. The 'Skins' D has to know where WR Tyreek Hill is at all times. Washington will give KC a good game, but it will be game, set, match Chiefs.

Pick: Chiefs

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