Daeshon Hall Learned How to Fillet a Fish in College

Each week during the season, I go through the Eagles' media guide to find one interesting fact about a player and ask them about it. 

This week, I reeled in defensive end Daeshon Hall. 

DZ: It says you're surprisingly good at fishing. 

DH: Mmhmm. 

DZ: Is that true? 

DH: That's definitely true. 

DZ: When did you start? 

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DH: I think I started fishing maybe like, first or second grade. My mom took me to this rinky-dink pond. You know at the recreation (department) sometimes, how they have ponds and stuff. We went over there. Caught a little fish. And ever since then, I've been fishing. 

DZ: Where do you normally go? Lakes or …?

DH: Yeah, at A&M we had a bunch of little man-made lakes and stuff like that, so I went over there and fished over there. A lot of lakes. I get out on the Gulf (of Mexico) sometimes and go deep-sea fishing. 

DZ: What do you catch out there? 

DH: A lot of drum, like white drums, red drums … I forgot the other thing and we catch it a lot. There's a whole bunch of different fish. And then, we do a lot of freshwater too, like bass and catfish. That kind of stuff. 

DZ: Do you cook it? Do you keep it? 

DH: Yeah, if it's big enough, we eatin' it. 

DZ: OK, do you know how to fillet fish? 

DH: Yup. 

DZ: Oh, you do? That's a skill. 

DH: You know, survival of the fittest. 

DZ: (laugher) How'd you learn how to do that kind of stuff? 

DH: I didn't know how to fillet fish until I got into college and stuff like that. But my roommate, his name was Alonzo (Williams), we used to go fishing. He was a big outdoorsman and he taught me how to do all this extra stuff that I was missing. 

DZ: Do you fish around here at all? 

DH: I haven't been fishing in Philly yet. 

DZ: I don't think there's a ton of fishing right here, but there's some. 

DH: Yeah, I gotta check it out. I've really only been fishing down south. 

DZ: Yeah, you gotta check it out. Thanks, man. 

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