Around the NFC East: At Least Dallas Lost in Heartbreaking Fashion Too

At 3-4 but with five NFC East games remaining on the schedule, a division title stands as the Eagles best chance at making something of this season. How much of a reality is that?

Here's what happened, and what's happening, this week in the NFC East:

New York Giants (1-6)

ICYMI: New York lost its fourth game in a row, falling to the Atlanta Falcons Monday Night 23-20 (and it wasn't that close). Eli Manning remembered he has the best down-field threat on the planet, utilizing Odell Beckham and throwing for 399 yards. Despite that, the Gmen missed a number of basic offensive opportunities, and the Falcons were in the driver's seat throughout. Atlanta led 20-6 late in the fourth (insert Jim-Schwartz-choking joke here), and Pat Shurmur showed his Andy Reid roots by displaying some questionable clock-management.

OBJ became the fastest player to 5,000 receiving yards since the 1970 merger, and the Giants franchise leader in 100-yard-receiving games. Yet everyone in New York hates his guts. Maybe Howie can trade for him and convert him to safety.

Oh, and they sent Eli Apple to the Saints for car parts. 

Spin: While the Iggles season may be on life support, the Giants year is dead and buried. They're in a race for the Number 1 pick. #TrustTheProcess.

Philadelphia Eagles

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What's Next: Eli getting traded to the Jags? More importantly, Washington at home. Here's hoping the Giants can actually do something useful.

Dallas Cowboys (3-4)

ICYMI: Despite being down 10 deep in the fourth quarter, Dallas had a chance to go to overtime in Washington. Their late comeback fell short when kicker not-Dan-Bailey bounced a 52-yarder off the goalpost. It would have been wonderful, had Sunday not already been awful. Washington beats Dallas, 20-17.

Dak Prescott was Romo-esque, fumbling twice, once on a fourth-and-1 QB sneak, and another time in his own endzone deep in the fourth quarter. The only thing missing was a botched snap as the holder.

The biggest news in Dallas was the trade for first-round-bust Amari Cooper. Here's a pro-tip: when the national consensus is that Jon Gruden ripped you off, you may want to take a long look in the mirror. Think there's any chance Jerry Jones fires his GM?

Spin: Somehow, Dallas only experienced the second-worst gut-punch this weekend. They sit at 3-4, but with a painful division loss, their prospects feel slightly-worse than the Birds right now. Only slightly.

What's Next: BYE WEEK

Washington (4-2)

ICYMI: Despite being up 20-10 with under five minutes to play, Washington nearly threw this one away at home. But they didn't, thanks to a wobbly field goal, so lets refrain from talking too much smack.

Spin: They barely beat an overrated division rival at home. Don't start ordering ticker-tape quite yet.

And just because we're all feeling salty, let's be real here; this team has a projected future as exciting as the Blackberry or the horse-and-buggy. They're among the oldest rosters in the NFL, most notably 34-year-old Alex Smith, who they're committed to for another four years. 

This team doesn't have a championship window; they are a windowless-room with rubber walls, filled with insanity and dysfunction. Believe in them at your own peril.

What's Next: An easy victory against the Giants, which will start a nauseating number of "IS WASHINGTON FOR REAL?!" takes. Be prepared.

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