An Eagles Fan Is Holding Corey Davis' First Touchdown Ball Hostage

The Eagles lost in Tennessee last Sunday in brutal fashion when Marcus Mariota tossed an overtime touchdown to Corey Davis.

As we mentioned last week, the game was ugly to watch on television back home in Philadelphia but it was extra painful for the throngs of Birds fans who made the trip to Nashville to cheer on their team.

For one Eagles fan though, he at least came home with a pretty unique souvenir.

You may recall after Davis' winning score, he lost grip of the ball and his teammate Quinton Spain picked it up and heaved it into the crowd in celebratory fashion. And with so many Eagles fans in attendance, it's not surprising the ball ended up in the hands of 25-year-old Chris Stoffere, who made the trip out from the Roxborough section of Philadelphia to cheer on the Birds

The Titans sent out a tweet on Monday searching for the ball. Stoffere became aware of the tweet later in the week.

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We spoke with Stoffere about it today.

"It was crazy. We should have been in the 300 section but snuck down and got right around the end zone where the Titans scored," he said. "We're disgusted at this point. I look up and the ball is just right there coming at us. I jumped up and snagged it. Went down to the ground and the Titans fans are attacking me for the ball but I held on with the help of my buddy Ted. We ended up running out of the stadium with it."

While Chris is a diehard Eagles fan, he is a reasonable guy and is willing to talk to the Titans about getting the ball back to Davis. The team hasn't reached out to him yet but a couple of Titans message boards are aware.

"I didn't realize it was the dude's first touchdown catch," Stoffere told me. "If that was me, I'd want the ball. I'd like to give the guy the ball back. We didn't think anything of it at the time. We were having a catch on Broadway after the game like it was a Nerf ball."

He sent a tweet to the Titans on Thursday night with a photo of his son, also named Chris, with the ball.

While little Chris is in physical possession of the touchdown ball currently, it appears as if the ball is now in the Titans' court so to speak.

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