5 Minutes With Roob: Corey Clement, Hometown Kid Making Noise

In today's "Five Minutes with Roob," Reuben Frank chats with Eagles running back Corey Clement:

Roob: I've got to ask you. Do you know who the last undrafted Eagles rookie to have a touchdown run 15 yards or more?
Clement: Is it a trick question? I don't know.
Roob: It was Ted Wegert in 1957, that's 60 years ago. He had a 27-yard touchdown run.
Clement: So that means I get a chance to chase him and get one longer?  
Roob: Yeah, go for it this weekend. What was it like to score a touchdown Sunday with all of your family and friends there and contributing to a win?
Clement: It was awesome. For any kid who grew up with big dreams and aspirations, keep striving. I always pictured myself to be in big-time moments and that's why I never get nervous in any type of situation because of how I practice. I've got to thank the guys around me and the organization for preparing the players and everybody around us for these moments we need to seal the deal for. 
Roob: You came in from Day 1 at OTAs like you were a draft pick. Do you think having that kind of mindset has helped you so far?
Clement: I always had the mindset that when I walked through those doors, whether I was drafted or not, I was given an opportunity. Everybody could be cut at any point, so why not use being undrafted as fuel? We are all on the same playing field. I haven't looked back since.
Roob: It has been a dream few months for you. You had to get to camp, make the team, make the 46-player roster and get carries. How do you stay even-keeled doing all of this in your hometown?
Clement: I think it is about the maturity of the game and knowing the right from wrong. Keeping the right people around me is important and keeping the right mindset. I approach each day trying to improve something in my game whether it is how I break off my routes and pass blocking. Doing the little things.

Roob: Wisconsin running back Jonathan Taylor has said a lot about you and how much of an influence you have had on him as someone who came from a Group 1 school in New Jersey. What is your relationship like and how gratifying is it to see him have success?
Clement: It is nice to see him having so much success. He is another humble character to come out of New Jersey. I gave him all of the advice and success that I could. Now he is at Wisconsin taking over the run game and is keeping the South Jersey pride going. I'm proud of him and I know he wants to keep getting better as he matures.

Roob: Have you ever had the chance to meet Wisconsin football legend Ron Dayne?
Clement: The only time I got to meet him was at Wisconsin and I was able to see his Heisman picture. He is one of my good friends and each time I go back to Wisconsin he always shows me love. 
Roob: South Jersey is the cradle of running backs with guys like Franco Harris coming out of there. It must be nice to continue that tradition? 
For sure. Especially doing it here in Philadelphia. I am happy to be doing it with a great group of guys and being humbled and thankful for the opportunity the organization has given me.

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