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President Biden hilariously sports Chiefs helmet during team's White House visit

After the Kansas City Chiefs gifted Joe Biden a team helmet, there were calls for the president to put it on. And he obliged.

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They don't call him the commander in chief for nothing.

President Joe Biden hosted the Kansas City Chiefs at the White House in Washington, D.C., on Friday to celebrate the team's second consecutive Super Bowl championship.

The Chiefs had previously gifted Biden a personalized team jersey during their trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last year, and they didn't come empty-handed this time around, either.

Following remarks from Biden and team chairman Clark Hunt, head coach Andy Reid presented the 46th president with a Chiefs helmet. As Biden posed for pictures with the helmet, there were calls -- seemingly from some players -- for him to put it on. And the president obliged.

After first needing to remove his sunglasses, Biden was met with a rousing ovation as he sported the helmet of the two-time defending champions.

The president then walked over to the lectern and said something, but the microphones didn't pick up his comments.

“It was cool to see him put the helmet on,” quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters after the celebration held on the South Lawn. “We didn't expect that. But it was really cool to see him throw that Chiefs helmet on and you get that Chiefs kingdom kind of for the rest of the nation to see.”

Biden also shared a funny moment with star tight end Travis Kelce earlier in the ceremony.

In his opening remarks, the president said, "I’d have Travis come up here, but God only knows what he’ll say," before inviting the nine-time Pro Bowler up to the lectern.

Kelce opened by saying, "My fellow Americans, it's nice to see you all again."

"I'm not gonna lie, President Biden," he continued. "They told me if I came up here I'd get tased, so I'm gonna go back to my spot."

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