New NFL Playoff OT Rules Could Force Tough Choices

Ariel Nava

There is a new twist to overtime in the NFL playoffs. It’s no longer first score that wins UNLESS it’s a touchdown.

If the team with first possession in OT settles for a FG than the other team gets a chance to answer.

The second team can win with a touchdown. But here's where coaches could have tough decisions to make.

Let's say a team is inside the 10 with a fourth down. It’s either fourth and 1 or fourth and 2 what do you do?

The head coach could go for it and then likely score a touchdown in the series. Or they could kick a FG for a tie and give the ball back to your opponent.

Wow what a decision either way.

I love the new rule, which is only in playoff overtime.

If it’s me, I go for it on fourth and short. But I don't have to worry about my job after that -- Eagles coach Andy Reid might have to.

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