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Nelson Agholor: ‘I Can't Really Explain That'

ARLINGTON, Tex. - Another game, another embarrassing moment for Nelson Agholor.

Early in the fourth quarter of the Eagles' 37-10 loss to the Cowboys Sunday night, Agholor separated from Cowboys safety Jeff Heath on a deep ball from Carson Wentz.



In the worst in a series of infuriating plays this year by Agholor, he lowered his hands as the ball sailed past him, and instead of a 60-yard gain - at least - the ball bounced harmlessly to the ground.

The only way to put it is that the ball went exactly where Agholor's hands were … until he moved them away from that point.

The Eagles probably weren't going to win the game. But if Agholor scored, it would have at least made it a 13-point game with 11 minutes left.

It's a ball Agholor has to catch.

He didn't even try.

I tried to get open," he said. "I was hauling tail, make a move on the safety, use the space that I had to run across the field, and I was running and by the time I was trying to track it, the ball was already out of position. I wish I was able to get there, but I don't know what happened. … I don't know if he was rushed or whatever, but we had enough field and I was trying to get there.

The Eagles had a 1st-and-10 on their own 20. Perfect time to hit their first big play since the Falcons game five weeks ago.

Agholor was at the 28-yard when the ball sailed past him. He might not have scored, but considering his angle and how far back Heath was he would have gotten at least to the 15.

I made a move on the guy, I'm starting to run to my landmark, and I get closer, and I'm seeing it low in trajectory," he said. "So it is what it is. I can't really explain that. Every day we see big plays, but then we see some that just miss and it sucks because we're on the end of not making them and I wish we were making them, so I understand there is a focus on that. That's one I wish we had made.

If the ball arrived before Agholor was expecting it, it was because Wentz got hit on the play by Kerry Hyder.

But he still has to catch it. He at least has to try.

Agholor at one point in his career made plays like that routinely. He has 13 career catches of 40 yards.

This year he's made news for the big plays he hasn't made than the one that he has.

I thought we had a touchdown when we threw it," Wentz said. "I didn't see the end result, I was on the ground, so I didn't get a chance to see it. When I threw it, I thought we had a good one there. I have to make a better throw there obviously and hopefully get him in the end zone next time.

It's been a miserable season for Agholor, who dropped an easy 60-yard touchdown that would have given the Eagles a lead in the Falcons game.

Agholor caught two passes for 24 yards Sunday night. In the last five games, he has just nine catches for 110 yards and no TDs. He's on pace for just 580 yards this year.

He's making nearly $9 1/2 million.

It's frustrating for us because we're not winning because we're a good football team," he said. "I'm not concerned about me as an individual. If we're winning, I'm happy. Statistics mean nothing if you lose football games. Now, if my statistics were to help us win, then I'm happy about that.

Lately, his statistics - or lack of them - have only been helping the Eagles lose.

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