Lincoln Financial Field

Eagles Replace Carson Wentz Banner With Nick Foles' Super Bowl Scene

There is a new massive photo on the side of Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia

Eagles replace Wentz banner with Foles' Super Bowl scene originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

There's truly no place like Philadelphia to be a sports fan.

The Carson Wentz banner came down from Lincoln Financial Field on Monday, six months after the former franchise quarterback was traded to the Colts. Because this city covers everything with a particularly deft touch and its sports fans definitely do not go overboard at all, the taking down of the Wentz banner was given wall-to-wall coverage.

And the Eagles, apparently not intimidated by so many eyeballs on a relatively trivial occurrence, aren't wasting any time getting something new up in Wentz's place.

Or, more accurately, someone new.

That someone would be Nick Foles, the Super Bowl LII-winning quarterback who polished off the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl title after Wentz went down during the 2017 season, and who some believe may have contributed to Wentz looking over his shoulder at the backup position both in 2018 with Foles and in 2020 with Jalen Hurts.

NBC10's chopper caught a banner being raised at the Linc on Tuesday morning, showing a recognizable hand holding up the Lombardi trophy:

Let's go to the archives from that fateful night in Minneapolis and see if it looks like anything familiar...

Yep, that photo - courtesy of the Eagles' Facebook page - is the exact same shot. Same hand placement, same confetti placement, same glimmering Lombardi trophy.

Foles, if you have somehow forgotten, completed 28 of 43 passes for 373 yards and three touchdowns as the Eagles beat the Patriots, 41-33. It was a glorious night in sports history and Foles is a legend forever.

And, for now, the man has a banner to match his statue down in South Philly.

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