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Eagles' Jason Kelce Copies Zach Ertz, Dyes His Hair Blond Before Opener

Jason Kelce went blond too, and it's blowing our minds originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz blew the Twitterverse wide open when he reported to training camp last month, both because he wasn't expected to be in camp after a summer of trade rumblings... and because he rolled up rocking a new bleached-blond hairdo.

Was it a message? A midlife crisis? Did we need to talk to Julie Ertz? Eagles fans had all the theories.

Ultimately it was probably just a fashion choice, but it was a fun talking point for a little while.

And apparently Ertz's new style inspired at least one of his teammates to join the Blond Brigade.

Brandon Brooks updated his Instagram story on Thursday night with a quick snippet of none other than Eagles center Jason Kelce sporting a new blond hairdo.

WOW. The guy looks like Santa Claus - if Santa Claus was a perennial All-Pro candidate on the O-line.

If you'd given me five guesses as to the next Eagle to choose a blond hairdo, I don't think I would've guessed Kelce. The guy is pretty understated in his gameday apparel choices, but I guess when you think about the 'fit he got off at the Super Bowl parade in February 2018 he is prone to outbursts of extreme style choices.

I think if the Eagles start off the season with a win Sunday against Atlanta, another guy should pick up the blond trend. Make it a team thing. Maybe... Brandon Graham? He can call it Michigan gold. I'd pay to see it.

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