Young Camp Goer Attempts to Help Jahlil Okafor With His Jump Shot

Philadelphia 76ers big man Jahlil Okafor took some time out from his day to go help out and teach some kids at the Sixers third annual Camden Youth Basketball Clinic over in New Jersey.

Only he found one youngster who felt the need to help the Sixer with his jump shot.

The young camp goer turned into a critic and wanted to help the NBA player out.

"He's making fun of my jumpshot," Okafor tells the CSNPhilly camera guy in the above video.

"His jumpshot is messed up," the kid says while demonstrating his shooting motion.

He goes on to point out his wrist action is wrong, as is his guide-arm angle.

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The youngster wouldn't be the first to criticize some aspects of Okafor's game but his coach came to his defense last season when it comes to his shooting.

"Look at his form. His form's not broken, and I actually think he is almost a more capable elbow player than we think he is out of the post," Brown said in February.

"Like, he's known because he's a really good post player and so on. I see him having the ability to make 18-foot jump shots."

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