Who Is Ben Simmons' “Boo Thang?”

If Ben Simmons was going to make his relationship "Facebook official", he'd have to ask them to add an option for having a "Boo thang." According to an interview with TMZ, Ben is R&B star Tinashe's "little Boo thang," in her words. The hoopla started with a radio interview by Tinashe and an Instagram comment by Simmons.

Back on Feb. 15, Tinashe appeared on 103.9 Philadelphia and wasn't shy when asked about who her favorite player on the Sixers was. She blushed, smiled and said "Ben Simmons."

Three days ago, when the Sixers were on the road in Charlotte, Ben responded to this Instagram post by Tinashe, to her more than 2.1 million followers, asking where bae was, sitting on her bed. Ben replied that he was in Charlotte and a lot of people took notice.

Who is the apple of Simmons' eye, Tinashe? While her career as a child actress started when she was seven, Tinashe gained acclaim for her role alongside Tom Hanks in 2004's The Polar Express as the voice of Hero Girl. She later appeared on Two and a Half Men for two years from 2008 to 2009 before her career in music and dance took off, vaulting her to stardom and millions of social media followers. Her second album, Joyride, is set to be released this spring.

Looks like Ben Simmons is finding his shot.

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