Watch: ESPN Stooges Can't Remember the Guy From Milwaukee Who Deserves Rookie of the Year

Shouts to CSNPhilly newsman extraordinaire Marshall Harris for pointing this one out to us.

In a wonderfully rich segment on ESPN's First Take featuring none other than Stepehen A. Smith and his pal Max Kellerman (who isn't nearly as bad as Screamin' A), Kellerman tries to make the argument for the Milwaukee guard to win Rookie of the Year over Joel Embiid... BUT HE CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER HIS NAME.

And Stephen A. is pretty much just as helpful.

They finally come up with Malcolm Brogdon, but the irony is not lost on us.

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This being a Philly site, we have to agree with Brett Brown that the Rookie of the Year for 2016-2017 comes through Philadelphia. That said, if you're interested in how others think, ESPN has a list of 29 writers and which way they sided for RoY.

The results:

Joel Embiid - 16

Malcolm Brogdon - 9

Dairo Saric - 4

You can watch the full First Take segment here.

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