The Dario Saric Documentary You Didn't Know You Needed Is Coming

Do you love Dario Saric? The next-level tenacity, the leaping fist pumps, the long-range jumpers? Then you're probably going to love this too.

A documentary on Saric will apparently premiere late this month at the Vukovar Film Festival. 

The trailer is out, and it's just as wonderful as you'd expect. 

The film, Always The Same, documents Saric's life and his relationship with his family. Saric's parents, Predrag and Veselinka, both played professional basketball.

At times, Saric has had a strained relationship with his father. Predrag and Dario had a public falling out stemming from a difference of opinion on Dario's readiness for the NBA. Predrag shares Dario's stubbornness, and as you can tell in the trailer, he has somewhat of a brash, oversized personality. In the trailer, he tells Dario, "your pops had an average of 32 points per game in the '92 season." 

He had a pretty sweet shot back in the day.

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We also get to see Dario in his element on the Dalmatian coast, reflecting on life. 

"My dream is a simple one," Dario says, "just to come home, to sit under an olive tree and to have my own little boat and enjoy life." 

Check out the trailer below. 

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