T.J. McConnell Attempts to Prank Dario Saric Again But Fails

Remember when T.J McConnell dumped water on Dario Saric's head during a postgame interview with CSN's Molly Sullivan earlier this year?

Well, McConnell was up to his antics at the Barclays Ceneter again on Tuesday, except he couldn't get a cup of water in time before Saric was done his interview.

McConnell struggled, reaching over courtside seats to fill up a cup of water, but gave up once he realized it was too late.

Saric posted a photo of him and McConnell on Instagram after he dumped water on his head back in January to apologize for the expletive he let out after water ran down the back of his head on live television, and #TrustTheFriendship was born.

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Before the season ends, McConnell will probably be on the prowl again to surprise Saric during a postgame interview. He's got eight more opportunities this season to pull it off.

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