Sixers Talk Podcast: Where Were You for AI's Step Over?

On this episode of Sixers Talk, Danny Pommells and Paul Hudrick discuss whether or not they have Warriors fatigue. They peel all the strange layers of the Kyle Lowry incident with a part owner of the Warriors.

Would you rather be guaranteed one championship but not be a contender afterwards (like the Raptors if they win and Kawhi leaves) or be a sustained contender without a championship guarantee like the Sixers currently project to being?

Sixers make changes to their coaching and medical staffs. Also, the guys remember Allen Iverson's legendary step over.

1:00 - Are you tired of the Warriors?
8:00 - Kyle Lowry's situation with a part owner of the Warriors.
13:30 - Hypothetical of all hypothetical questions.
21:30 - Nets free up some money. Should Sixers fans be concerned?
29:00 - Sixers coaching staff will have a new look.
34:00 - As will the medical staff.
38:00 - Remembering AI's step over.

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