Sixers Talk Podcast: An Injured Embiid Could Potentially Change Everything

On this episode of Sixers Talk, Danny Pommells and Paul Hudrick react to a Game 3 victory without Joel Embiid. How an injured Embiid changes expectations for this team. And is it fair to judge Brett Brown's coaching without their best player?

In what parts is Ben Simmons better without Embiid? Also, the guys preview Game 4 potentially with or without the star big man.

1:00 - Impressions on the win.
4:30 - Embiid's injury is very confusing.
9:30 - Embiid's health substantially limits the team's upside in the playoffs.
14:00 - In what ways is Ben Simmons better without Embiid?
18:00 - Fair to judge Brett Brown's coaching if he doesn't have Embiid?
22:00 - JJ Redick and Tobias Harris come up big.
30:30 - Do you feel there's less buzz around the first round nationally?
34:00 - Game 4 preview.
37:00 - Does Embiid need to take diet/fitness more seriously?

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